Why Property?

I speak to a lot of people about property, the benefits, the excitement and the returns. Almost always I am asked… why property? Then why not stocks, share… bitcoin? Well bitcoin will have to wait for another day but for now, let’s look at stocks and...

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3 Types of Property Assets

One of the most asked questions when purchasing properties for investments is should I purchase a property for capital growth or for rental income? To begin with there are 3 types of property assets. Growth – Properties that most likely will grow in value. Often these...

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New Year – New Deals

A family unit for a change 2019 is up and running, its going to be a busy and exciting year. As you know JPI specialises in single unit apartments close to the city centre within 5 minutes walk of a train station. Economical, good, clean and inviting properties that...

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Japan leads the G7!

Fascinating article this week in Japan Today. Japan has become the first G7 nation and only the second country in the World to have more assets than the Gross Domestic Product or GDP.  Just let that sink in for a minute… did you get it?  It phenomenal.  In an...

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