Japanese Land Prices Rise Again

Official confirmation this week from the Nikkei Asian Review that land prices have risen for the fourth year in a row. And as we often comment, tourism has been playing a major role in the rise. Predictably Hokkaido and Okinawa saw increases, two of Japan’s most...

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Japanese Real Estate Heats Up

JPI has seen this happening over the past 3-5 years. All the indicators point to a boom time for Japanese Real Estate. This week key figures released from the Bank Of Japan (BOJ) confirm once again that more and more people are coming back to Japanese Property. It is...

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Even Monkeys fall out of trees!

Always look up, to be safe! There is a wonderful phrase that comes in very useful living here in Japan and it is “猿も木から落ちる” which translates to “even monkeys fall out of trees”. But what does that even mean??? Basically, even those that have...

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Great time to buy? – YES!

The Nikkei Asian Review has some excellent articles and I stumbled across another one this week. The article says that foreigners are no longer buying Japanese Real Estate! Apparently, prices are too high now with little room for improvement and that rental returns...

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