The Reiwa Era is here!

This week’s news from Japan has all been about change at the very top. After 31 years of peace, Emperor Heisei (often translated as peace everywhere) has stepped down. The last time a Japanese Emperor abdicated the throne was more than 200 years ago. Emperor...

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Beware of negative predictions

The media loves to report on negativity and use fear, a very powerful emotion to grab our attention. It’s far more interesting to print `property values will plummet’ than to promote something positive. Friends, colleagues and family can also have this affected...

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Vietnam, why would you?

Before you leap to respond, I love Vietnam. Lovely friendly country on the up with hard working people so please, don’t bash me… yet! Reading this article a couple of days ago and just thought to myself, why do Japanese investors need more help investing...

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Always follow a system

We have often explained that building a property portfolio is a slow and steady process. It is not a get rich quick scheme. To make this type of investment effective you must develop and/or follow a system. Let’s be honest, almost anyone can make money during a...

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What, really? This was a sad article to read from a few weeks back. Daiwa House, Japan’s largest homebuilder has got it wrong in a big way. News came out that of a suspected US$211 million embezzlement by three employees at Daiwa’s joint venture company...

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Japanese Land Prices Rise Again

Official confirmation this week from the Nikkei Asian Review that land prices have risen for the fourth year in a row. And as we often comment, tourism has been playing a major role in the rise. Predictably Hokkaido and Okinawa saw increases, two of Japan’s most...

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