Cash flow vs capital growth

What will make you richer faster? Is chasing positive cash flow the best way, or is a capital growth strategy the better option to suit your situation? Before deciding on your preferred option, you need to look at some of the pros and cons of cash flow and growth...

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Capital growth strategy

A capital growth investment strategy is where a property is purchased that is expected to produce above-average increases in property value over time. These properties often have a higher purchase price and lower rental yield. This is referred to as negatively geared,...

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Positive Cash Flow Strategy

Positive cash flow properties are ones that have a rental yield that pays all the costs associated with your property using rent and still having profit. These costs include taxes, repairs, mortgage repayments (if any) and bills. In other words, it’s having a net...

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No sign of Rent Caps in Japan

No need for Rent Caps in Japan.  rent caps in real estate Real estate investment around the world is the number one choice for millions. In some countries, it has become so popular that states have decided to start controlling things.  Here are a few limited examples....

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The JPI way

Successful, wealthy people do not just suddenly become rich and successful. Success is a process that takes place over many years.  There are certain habits that are responsible for the accumulation of wealth over one’s lifetime.  One such habit is spending less than...

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Japanese economy on the way back

Things are heating up. We have known it for some time.  You can feel it in the air and sense it in the people of Japan.  The Japanese economy is the third largest in the World is bouncing back.  And this week an article published in the Financial Times confirmed it,...

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