One thing that keeps investors coming back to Japanese residential real estate investing is Stability. It’s what all successful real estate investors look for regardless of their market. As we highlight in our ebook, real estate investing is a slow stable...

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Secure High Returns

News out this week highlighting just how attractive Japanese real estate is. Three of the top insurer’s in Japan, Meiji Yasuda Life, Dai-ichi Life and Nippon Life all investing heavily in Japanese real estate. Life insurance companies tend to be conservative...

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Where to live in Kansai?

Just a little fun this week. A quick search on where to live in Kansai, the region JPI is based in. The cities of Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto make up the Kansai region. JPI’s sixth apartment – in Nishinomiya A quick google search bought up this article from...

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Announcing MGM Osaka!

Okay, okay, I may have jumped a little further forward than usual here. Let me explain. After decades of discussion, Japanese authorities have decided that if you can’t beat the likes of Macao and Singapore, it would join them. By building Japan’s first...

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Focus on Japan

investment opportunities aplenty Sim and I have been invested in Japan for a combined 20 years and some. We know how great this country is for simple, honest and lucrative real estate investment. Recently we have witnessed first hand more and more foreigners jumping...

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11% return anyone?

It’s been a while since we did a deal analysis but this one was too good to miss. Just 5 minutes from Shin Osaka station, where the bullet train stops! A major transport hub. This 1 room, 27 square meter apartment was built in 1977 and is on the 13th floor of...

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Property and regulations

Here at JPI we are always open to new ideas. This week we came across an article on Korean property investments. Being so close to Korea here in Japan, this is the first time to read about the Korean market. Of course, there must be good investments available in...

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Global Funds Following JPI!

When we started JPI in 2016, we knew we were onto a good thing and ahead of our time. Before starting JPI we were invested in Japanese real estate as individuals. And our experience in the market for almost 16 years gave us plenty of insights. We knew Japanese Real...

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Celebrations and Great Returns

A celebratory mood around the JPI office this week! We are close to announcing our 6th apartment.  Since being formed in 2016, Sim and I have always set goals for the company and ourselves and I am pleased to say we are right on target.  Apartment number 6 will be...

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