Celebrations and Great Returns

A celebratory mood around the JPI office this week! We are close to announcing our 6th apartment.  Since being formed in 2016, Sim and I have always set goals for the company and ourselves and I am pleased to say we are right on target.  Apartment number 6 will be...

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Land prices are up in Japan

If you follow what we do at JPI, this will be no new news. But it is always nice when a reputable news agency agrees with you. This week the Nikkei Asian Review ran a great story on Japanese Property. As the article confirms land prices are on the up in Tokyo, Osaka...

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Osaka is the place to invest!

Sim and I are well aware of the goldmine that is Osaka and Kobe. We will back this up with some big news about a new investment coming up in June. But for now, great to see others getting involved. As you know, JPI invests in single let apartments, no more than 7...

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Poor old Purple Bricks

Another busy week in Japan. The weather is heating up nicely. Soon though it will be too hot to move! This week I read, with some sadness the decline of Purple Bricks. For those of you reading that live outside the UK, a quick introduction to Purple Bricks. Started in...

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The Reiwa Era is here!

This week’s news from Japan has all been about change at the very top. After 31 years of peace, Emperor Heisei (often translated as peace everywhere) has stepped down. The last time a Japanese Emperor abdicated the throne was more than 200 years ago. Emperor...

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Beware of negative predictions

The media loves to report on negativity and use fear, a very powerful emotion to grab our attention. It’s far more interesting to print `property values will plummet’ than to promote something positive. Friends, colleagues and family can also have this affected...

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