How it all works

Japan Property Investments (JPI) is a property sourcing company with two core values;

  1. To build a community of like-minded members and benefit from the lucrative Japanese Real Estate market. Invest together, grow together.
  2. To assist others in creating an investment portfolio that will generate more future cash, create real value and add to the quality of your life.

3 step JPI membership opportunity

JPI has developed a 3-step membership opportunity that can help both you and JPI meet our core values and live out the mission.
Let’s find the level that best suits you.


Membership Levels Explained



How we find our properties

Japan Property Investments currently has 2 full time members who constantly research, source and bid for properties in the Japanese market. Both members have property investments in Japan, England and Australia.

Properties must meet specific criteria before they are purchased. These criteria include:

  • “Investment grade” quality properties that have rental appeal
  • Located in a city area
  • Close to shopping & business areas
  • No more than 10 minute walk from  a train station
  • Low management fees

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"Discover The Secrets To Generating MASSIVE RETURNS From Japanese Property"

We'll show you how to:

- Access attractive returns.

- Generate regular income.

- Leverage future capital growth.

- PROFIT from the world’s third largest economy.

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