Japan real estate and the Olympics

Japan real estate and the Olympics

Japan is preparing for the 2020 Olympics in a major way. Many are confident that thiJapan Real Estates will improve Japan real estate prices in many areas. The Bank of Japan estimates economically the Olympics should bring in around ¥30 trillion ($250 billion dollars). This is many times more than the estimate of the costs to prepare for and run the event.

The biggest impact to property price is mostly to be felt in Tokyo where prices have already begun to increase but it’s expected that other areas including Osaka, Fukuoka and other larger cities to also increase.

Chinese interest in Japan Real Estate

In May this year, China Daily Asia reported that more Chinese and Hong Investors are investing in Japanese real estate. This is occuring as the country prepares for the 2020 Olympics. The reasoning is that investors are preparing to take advantage of the capital appreciation potential in the property sector as Tokyo’s population continues to increase.

According to financial services firm Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), vacancies for top-grade homes in Tokyo hit their lowest level in the fourth quarter last year since the 2008 global financial crisis. Increases in both rental and property values have occured.
Property values could increase anywhere from 20 –30% between now and 2020.

Tourism and Japan Real Estate

Tourism has been booming in Japan in recent years and this is set to increase especially as the countries gears up for the Olympics. Holidaymakers in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China view Japan as one of the most popular destinations for holiday breaks, shopping and tasting Japanese food. Now these same tourists are finding that Japan real estate is also a popular opportunity. As tourism increases Japan is also expecting property prices to increase also.

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Tourism and the 2020 Olympics

Tourism and the 2020 Olympics

It is strongly hoped that the 2020 Olympics will have positive economic effects on Japan. The two main areas of growth expected are an increase in foreign tourism, and an increase in construction investment associated with this event.

Tourism in Japan has been slowly growing mainly due to easier visa requirements and the depreciation of the yen. In 2015 around 19 million tourists visited japan, which was a 47%, increase from the year before.

Spending by foreign visitors also reached a record ¥3.48 trillion, an increase of 71.5 percent from 2014. Japan’s inbound tourism industry is now equaled to that of its auto parts exports. The Japanese government has set a foreign visitor target for 2020 at 20 million, which it looks like it will be easily achieved especially with the addition of the Olympic Games.

Tourists are not know to purchase property whilst they are traveling, however, it’s the exposure to Japan that is the important factor. Asian buyers, particularly from China see Japan as an inexpensive option for property purchases. Chinese have been know to come to Japan for 3 day property shopping trips especially in Tokyo and Osaka.

Low interest rates, high rental yields, and the prospect of rising land values ahead of the 2020 Games Japanese property looks to be a genuine investment opportunity for foreign investors.

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