Japan’s ‘quiet property bubble’ faces end as transactions slide

Japan’s ‘quiet property bubble’ faces end as transactions slide

This Japan Times Article from January 29th states that real estate sales in Japan have slowed down, rents stopped rising and inflation is non-existent.  So what does that mean to a property investor in Japan?  Well if you are looking for a stable income from rental properties, Japan still offers plenty.  You will not be able to flip a Japanese property in 12 months and double your money, but where can you do that these days?  Japan, the Japanese economy and Japanese property are long term investments and JPI is here for the long term.  But we understand that not everyone wants their money invested forever.  We offer 5 year investments with a 4% return.  It doesn’t matter if property prices rise or fall, once you invest with us you will receive 4% with dividends being paid every 6 months.  JPI sources, purchases and manages the properties we invest in to give you a healthy return with zero work.

While the article speaks of the doom and gloom of a slowing Japanese real estate market, we at JPI are buoyed.  Fewer transactions means that we are competing with less buyers for the properties on the market.  Meaning we can take our time to complete due diligence and purchase the very best properties for Japan Property Investments.

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Japan’s ‘quiet property bubble’ faces end as transactions slide

Tourism and the 2020 Olympics

Tourism and the 2020 Olympics

It is strongly hoped that the 2020 Olympics will have positive economic effects on Japan. The two main areas of growth expected are an increase in foreign tourism, and an increase in construction investment associated with this event.

Tourism in Japan has been slowly growing mainly due to easier visa requirements and the depreciation of the yen. In 2015 around 19 million tourists visited japan, which was a 47%, increase from the year before.

Spending by foreign visitors also reached a record ¥3.48 trillion, an increase of 71.5 percent from 2014. Japan’s inbound tourism industry is now equaled to that of its auto parts exports. The Japanese government has set a foreign visitor target for 2020 at 20 million, which it looks like it will be easily achieved especially with the addition of the Olympic Games.

Tourists are not know to purchase property whilst they are traveling, however, it’s the exposure to Japan that is the important factor. Asian buyers, particularly from China see Japan as an inexpensive option for property purchases. Chinese have been know to come to Japan for 3 day property shopping trips especially in Tokyo and Osaka.

Low interest rates, high rental yields, and the prospect of rising land values ahead of the 2020 Games Japanese property looks to be a genuine investment opportunity for foreign investors.

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