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One thing that keeps investors coming back to Japanese residential real estate investing is Stability. It’s what all successful real estate investors look for regardless of their market. As we highlight in our ebook, real estate investing is a slow stable process towards financial independence and requires the right market forces.

The Japanese economy has endured 30 years of downturn and stagflation but even during that time the population suffered quietly maintaining the status quo and never thought to riot or disturb the peaceful society. There is much written on the topic of why this may not be great for Japanese society, but let’s leave that train of thought to the academics.

For real estate investors, long term peace and stability in the market place mean long term stead growth and stability for your money. Over the past 30 years, we have seen companies boom and bust and the same in national real estate markets. Japan has simply got on with recovery and we are now seeing steady increases in real estate value across the country over the past 5 years.

Stability in the Japanese market place has attracted the attention of investors from markets that have heated up and more recently from markets that have bubbled over. The past 6 months have seen JPI inundated with enquires from Hong Kong the previous champion of global real estate investors. This recent article on the APAC Real Estate website highlights just how badly the Hong Kong market has been hit.

No matter where you invest you always have to keep an eye on the market and the potential ups and downs. That is what we do at JPI best, keep a local eye on our international investors’ money to maximise their and our returns.

Drop us a line today to see how we can help you “invest together, grow together” [email protected]

Secure High Returns

Secure High Returns

News out this week highlighting just how attractive Japanese real estate is. Three of the top insurer’s in Japan, Meiji Yasuda Life, Dai-ichi Life and Nippon Life all investing heavily in Japanese real estate.

Life insurance companies tend to be conservative investors, securing assets for their policyholders. This is nothing new but more and more money is being invested in Japanese real estate as the market returns to favor with investors all over the world.

Not everything is rosy though, the article suggests urban property prices may be overheating in areas. Another reminder of how local knowledge is vital when investing. The article is right, there are areas where prices have rises and rents have not, negatively effecting yields and the return on cash invested.

However, there are still plenty of places where great returns are possible and Japan Property Investments is here to help you find those areas and profit from then. Contact us today at [email protected] to find out more.

Here’s the short article referred to above.

Where to live in Kansai?

Where to live in Kansai?

Just a little fun this week. A quick search on where to live in Kansai, the region JPI is based in. The cities of Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto make up the Kansai region.

JPI’s sixth apartment – in Nishinomiya

A quick google search bought up this article from Nippon.com. Interesting simple research with the local foreign residents of the Kansai region.

Top of the list is Nishinomiya Kitaguchi, not a traditional property hotspot. We have always been interested in Nishinomiya. A city on the mainline between Kobe and Osaka, Nishinomiya is often overlooked. However, yields are good and tenant demand has always been strong for those who work in Kobe but visit Osaka or vice versa.

But the main reason for reading the article is JPI’s sixth property purchase, Daido Maison. Purchased earlier in the year, this one-room apartment has been tenanted since the day we purchased it. The building is surrounded by excellent amenities and of course within walking distance of a train station, as we know a vital point in Japan.

Announcing MGM Osaka!

Announcing MGM Osaka!

Okay, okay, I may have jumped a little further forward than usual here. Let me explain.

After decades of discussion, Japanese authorities have decided that if you can’t beat the likes of Macao and Singapore, it would join them. By building Japan’s first licenced casino the authorities hope to attract even more foreign visitors to Japan.

It is perhaps the worst kept secret that Osaka will be the site for Japan’s first casino with a decision on this due to be announced within the next 12 months. What will that mean for the area? Riches and opportunities will flood to Osaka. There will be construction jobs, followed by maintenance and support jobs. It is not only a casino but all of the support structures that will go up including some of the largest hotels anywhere in Japan.

More tourists, more jobs, more employment, the increased tax base for Osaka will contribute to the regions continued growth. It really is an exciting time to be in Japan, in Kansai and in Osaka. Contact us today to find out more about how you can invest and benefit from Japanese residential property – www.japanpropertyinvestments.com

Take a look at this article on Casino.org to find out more about the players in the race to build Japan’s first casino.

Focus on Japan

Focus on Japan

investment opportunities aplenty

Sim and I have been invested in Japan for a combined 20 years and some. We know how great this country is for simple, honest and lucrative real estate investment.

Recently we have witnessed first hand more and more foreigners jumping into the market and profiting. It isn’t rocket science. If your an established investor living overseas you already know, if the numbers stack up – invest. If you are new to real estate investing and starting out, follow Japan Property Investments on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and find out what it takes to be a successful property investor.

Last month a short article published on yourmoney.com caught my eye. Clearly more and more people are hearing about Japan and the opportunities over here. The article mirrored our own JPI ebook “Discover The Secrets To Generating MASSIVE RETURNS From Japanese Property” this article pointed out the current focus on Japan. The world’s media is here right now covering the Rugby World cup, until early November.

Next year Tokyo will host the Summer Olympics for the second time, previously they were here in 1964.

These events will come and go, leaving a sustainable legacy in terms of infrastructure across Japan. Paving the way for even more overseas tourists and overseas workers that the Japanese government has agreed to let in. The country is changing, the opportunities are expanding and ver opportunities exist, investment opportunities are bound to follow.

But they are already here so join JPI today and see where you can “invest together, grow together” with us in Japanese Residential Real Estate!

11% return anyone?

11% return anyone?

It’s been a while since we did a deal analysis but this one was too good to miss.

Just 5 minutes from Shin Osaka station, where the bullet train stops! A major transport hub. This 1 room, 27 square meter apartment was built in 1977 and is on the 13th floor of 14.

The building and common areas are well maintained and the building is in a popular area with shops, parks, and schools very close by. Monthly maintenance and management fees are 11,020 yen and monthly rent is 48,000 yen. Annual taxes of under 30,000 yen, (actual price to be confirmed before purchasing).

This all adds up to an 11% gross return which is 8.5% net of taxes.

This is an exceptional yield for the area and will be sold very quickly. Get in touch with Japan Property Investments as soon as you can.

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