Japan Property Investments, JPI, was founded in 2016 by Kevin Elliott and Sim Cook.  JPI was founded to allow foreign investors access to the lucrative Japanese real estate market at an affordable price.  Purchasing a property, regardless of the size or price is a serious investment.  JPI’s share investment scheme allows investors to spread their money across several properties.  JPI’s crowd funding platform is the first in Japan devoted to foreigners who want to increase their income and improve their lives.  We are a true community of like minded qualified investors who believe;

  • partnerships produce more than individuals
  • capitalism should be caring
  • real estate is the best investment for long-term success
  • anything is achievable

Join us today and ‘invest together grow together’.

Kevin Elliott

Kevin Elliott


Kevin began investing in real estate in 2003 with zero collateral. Today he now owns and manages a property portfolio worth ¥72 million and is aggressively expanding in the Japanese real estate market. Kevin’s properties are spread between Japan and the UK. While the UK offers possible capital gains, the Japanese market offers guaranteed returns. Kevin holds an MBA and takes care of JPI’s finances.

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"Discover The Secrets To Generating MASSIVE RETURNS From Japanese Property"

We'll show you how to:

- Access attractive returns.

- Generate regular income.

- Leverage future capital growth.

- PROFIT from the world’s third largest economy.

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