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Just a little fun this week. A quick search on where to live in Kansai, the region JPI is based in. The cities of Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto make up the Kansai region.

JPI’s sixth apartment – in Nishinomiya

A quick google search bought up this article from Nippon.com. Interesting simple research with the local foreign residents of the Kansai region.

Top of the list is Nishinomiya Kitaguchi, not a traditional property hotspot. We have always been interested in Nishinomiya. A city on the mainline between Kobe and Osaka, Nishinomiya is often overlooked. However, yields are good and tenant demand has always been strong for those who work in Kobe but visit Osaka or vice versa.

But the main reason for reading the article is JPI’s sixth property purchase, Daido Maison. Purchased earlier in the year, this one-room apartment has been tenanted since the day we purchased it. The building is surrounded by excellent amenities and of course within walking distance of a train station, as we know a vital point in Japan.

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