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It’s been a while since we did a deal analysis but this one was too good to miss.

Just 5 minutes from Shin Osaka station, where the bullet train stops! A major transport hub. This 1 room, 27 square meter apartment was built in 1977 and is on the 13th floor of 14.

The building and common areas are well maintained and the building is in a popular area with shops, parks, and schools very close by. Monthly maintenance and management fees are 11,020 yen and monthly rent is 48,000 yen. Annual taxes of under 30,000 yen, (actual price to be confirmed before purchasing).

This all adds up to an 11% gross return which is 8.5% net of taxes.

This is an exceptional yield for the area and will be sold very quickly. Get in touch with Japan Property Investments as soon as you can.

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