Japan Property Investments is a platform that allows you to invest in the Japanese property market with ease and benefit from great returns.

How does the Japan Property Investments platform work?


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Carefully selected properties in Japan that must meet certain criteria. This includes:

  • Located in a city area
  • Close to shopping & business areas
  • No more than 10 minute walk from a train station
  • Low management fees
  • A minimum of 6% return per annum


Join Japan Property Investments

JPI offers 3 levels of Membership that allows you to benefit from Japanese property

  • Associate
  • Partnership
  • Owner


Make your money work for you.
Share in financial results of Japanese properties.

Choose a property that suits you and monitor your portfolio on your personal dashboard.


At the end of 5 years you can choose to exit from your partnership with JPI or elect to continue.
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"Discover The Secrets To Generating MASSIVE RETURNS From Japanese Property"

We'll show you how to:

- Access attractive returns.

- Generate regular income.

- Leverage future capital growth.

- PROFIT from the world’s third largest economy.

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